Things To Do

  • Make Character Templates common (we have at least 3 styles)
    • Clear box - example:Amber ["'{{Charbox]
    • Rounded box - example:Baron [{{Galaluna]
    • None - example: Dark Shaman []
    • Color Bar Clear Box - example:Octus [Charbox]
    • Also Remove the added-by link on all Character Templates, Looks much cleaner
  • The CharacterNav Template
    • is missing a lot of Characters
    • appears on only a few pages
      • If retained should update automatically
    • The grouping of Main Characters is arbituary
  • See If a way to hide/obscure inappropriate comments can be done.
    • Deleting comments based on personal Opinion (even if its justified) seems wrong in the the wiki world
    • Try pushing them to a sub page of the original page
    • Test on the nearly Identical Fanon site, since I do have admin there and I'm the only current editor
  • Talk page Links are disabled on all pages with Comments enabled
    • Test on nearly Identical Fanon site
      • Done! Works!
      • Awaiting Admin Rights to enable it here.
  • Figure out a proper Plura for Lunis and stick with it. I like ['s] but I think its wrong. And Barb's page has two different ones. So far I have seen.
    • Lunises
    • Lunis's
    • Luney
  • Deal With the clashing of style on the Front page, (of the CNFooter Banner/Global Template)
    • Recently Added by a new user (and that's his only edit)
    • Style Doesn't Match
    • Left a message withUser_talk:Ricky_Spanish the edit user
      • Has not made any replies.
    • Would like to retain that Multi-Wiki Global updates, so that when new Wikis appear, ours updates too.
      • Proposed Changes on the Template's talk page
        • Made the Proposed Changes as a functional demo
          • Awaiting comments
          • Did not make it Live (YET)
            • Three Months, no comments, I commented again to try and drag up some discussion.

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