• Cypurr

    Plot Ending?

    August 16, 2016 by Cypurr

    Hey guys. I was looking through some of the blog posts and noticed there wasn't one for a plot ending. So here's my take on how SBT might have ended if the show continued. (I'll only be discussing the main story line since individual episode ideas are completely up for imagination).

    Since the last episode was titled "A New Beginning" it's likely the show would have gone on for another season at the very least. Excluding the daily "monster invades Sherman," the writers however would have needed to tie up the main storyline with some sort of return to Galaluna. But before I get to that, there are still unresolved sub-plots on Earth.

    My guess is that since SBT is Tartakovsky's parody on "high school drama," the love plots would have likely cont…

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