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Credits / Under the Three Moons
This page is a list of Credits from the episode Under the Three Moons.


Transcribed using OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Shareena Carlson

head writer
Darrick Bachman

story editor
Amy Wolfram

story by
Darrick Bachman
Genndy Tartakovsky
Amy Wolfram

production coordinators
Shaun Hamid
Jennifer Ray

production assistants
Jennifer Fujikawa

storyboard supervisor
Bryan Andrews

storyboarded by
Andy Suriano
Henry Yu

storyboard clean-up
Alex Kirwan

character design
Stephen DeStefano
Paul Rudish

prop design
Todd Frederiksen

sym-bionic units designed by
Paul Rudish

Mike Collins

background art direction
Joseph Holt

background design
Caesar Martinez

background painters
Kevin Dart
Kristen Lester

color stylist
Roger Webb

animation direction
Robert Alvarez
Larry Leichliter

sheet timing
Robert Alvarez
Richard Collado
Jeff Hall
Brian Hogan
Eddy Houchins
Larry Leichliter

animation checking
Sandy Benenati

voice talent

Kevin Thoms

Tara Strong

Brian Posehn
king / salesman / tailor
John DiMaggio

general modula
Don Leslie

kimmy / amber
Kari Wahlgren

jason / radio announcer
Will Friedle

James Arnold Taylor

Julianne Buescher

Michael Silva

kristin / tiffany
Vanessa Marshall

Karie Gima Pham

voice direction
Genndy Tartakovsky

recording studio manager
Karie Gima Pham

recording engineer
Robert Serda

main title theme by
Tyler Bates

music by
Tyler Bates

additional music by
Dieter Hartmann
Tim Williams

score mixed by
Wolfgang Matthes

supervising editor
Paul Douglas

dialogue editor
James Hearn

sound effects design
Twenty-First Century Entertainment

re-recording mixers
Eric Freeman
Timothy J. Borquez, C.A.S.

director production technology
Antonio Gonella

post production supervisor
Tony Tedford

post production coordinator
Alicia Parkinson

machine room operator
Chris Hoetger

track reading by
Slightly Off Track

production estimator
Cecilia Rheins

for rough draft studios. inc. seoul. korea

layout director
Kim. Young Duk

animation directors
Choi. Young Dal
Song. Keun Sik
Won, Dong Suk
Yu. Choong Yong

cg animation technical director
Min, Beong Seung

cg modeling
Alex Ha

cg animation
Cho, Jang Hwan

cg efx
Son. Joo Hwan

for cartoon network studios

executive producers
Brian A. Miller
Jennifer Pelphrey

for cartoon network

executive producers
Tramm Wigzell
Rob Swartz
Rob Sorcher

current series executive
Brian E. S. Jones

executive producer
Genndy Tartakovsky

© 2011. The Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.




117 Under the Three Moons Credits Animation (480p)

View the 1080p version here


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