Quote1What's to know? It's fab!Quote2
Todd to Maribel in Under the Three Moons @ 3:08

Todd's a student of Sherman High School that first appears in the episode Under the Three Moons.


Todd goes to Sherman High School and is part of the Homecoming Dance Committee. He originally wanted to have an 1980s-theme for the dance but he wound up going with Ilana's idea instead. After a few scenes of him, Mary, and Ilana working on the Home Coming Dance he does not reappear in the series.


Todd wears a pink shirt with a blue scarf, white pants and sandals.


Todd has a very perky, upbeat personality. Todd's also very creative and seems to be kind of effeminate. He obviously likes the 1980s, since he wanted to have that as the Homecoming theme and he also wears 1980s-style clothing. Todd also uses expressions like "tubular" and "fab."



Maribel is on of Todd's friends and is also on the Homecoming Committee

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