Quote1There is no way out!Quote2
Tiffany to Ilana in Showdown at Sherman High @ 10:33

Tiffany is a cheerleader at Sherman High School and one of Kimmy's close friends, her first appearance is in Showdown at Sherman High.


Tiffany is most often seen with Amber who is also on the cheer squad and a friend of Kimmy. Like most of the girls at school she thinks Lance is cool and Ilana is weird. She seem to ignore Newton since he's a nerd but when Kimmy starts dating him she turns out to be supportive of their romance.


  • Tiffany regularly changes her style and color of her hair.
  • In The Ballad of Scary Mary, her hair is chin length and red wine in color. She is wearing a large hat that likely has her real hair stuffed in it.
  • In A New Beginning, her hair is slightly longer than shoulder length and is orange in color. She is again wearing a large hat. This is so different from her normal look that she would not be recognized if her name had not been explicitly given by Amber.
  • In The Phantom Ninja, she has the same orange hair but with a different smooth pink barret and no hat. This gives her the same appearance as the classic Daphne from Scooby Doo and is likely another one of the show's many homages.

She is however seen most often with long light brown hair, and a pink beret with three dots. This is likely her natural hair, as wig and other temporary hair accessory would not hold up to the rigors of a Cheerleader.


Tiffany changes her style from episode to episode but she is first seen with long brown hair and wearing her cheerleader uniform. She is very skinny and cares a lot (maybe to much) about her weight as they mention multiple times that they don't eat much during lunch.


Tiffany first seem to be a bit shallow only caring about appearance and what her other "popular" friends think. She later redeems her self when she supports Kimmy and Newton's relationship besides what many people think of them.



Amber, Kimmy and Monica are close friends to Tiffany as well as cheerleader members.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Has the ability to perform difficult cheerleader routines


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