• Hello, Thank you very much for contributing! Overall I see good changes. It's not often we get editors anymore, so that's nice. However, I have edited a few of the changes back. None of the edits include the direct content (ie. the relationships), only the formating. I explain bellow:

    Infobox images
    The "SVG" image will remain the default because it shows the full character model, and gives the best overview of the entire character. They are svg traces of the original art used as promos. The other major characters (ie. Ilana, Octus) are also the same. Other characters were going to get the same standard but due to time that never happened.
    I'm going to take a guess that you made the change because the tab "SVG" doesn't really describe or say anything. I would bet most readers don't know what SVG's are or care. For that reason it may be better to change the tab name to "Model" or something more descriptive.
    Sub pages
    I know many other wikis use sub pages, however, this wiki avoids the as much as possible. The "Relationships" section is fine of the main page. Pages like "Quotes" are set as sub pages because they have extensive unique page formating. The quotes are split by episode and don't really fit well on the main page with the existing headers. Other examples are the "Full List of Credits" on episode pages. This content is long and not generally relevant to the reader as they are probably looking for just the Director, Writers, etc.. If they want more info they can explore that sub page of full credits. It also allows the credits to be linked as citations/references for other pages. For those reasons relationships are better (imo) on the main page because readers will mostly likely want to learn about the characters relationship as it's part of their bio. Extra clicks are generally bad web design.
    Powers and Abilities
    Every other page uses this template header so one reason for reverting it back is for consistency. While the show had a shorter run then most wanted it did hint at the idea that Ilana, Lance, & Octus not only had the ability to form Titan but their own unique powers. Heart, Body, Mind, etc.. So that format was used because it was unknown how much they would explore it. I guess we'll never know now :/
    I see the reason for the name change to "Image gallery", however, the gallery may also contain more then just simple static images. They can have media in them that contain gifs, webms, and videos. For the reason the broader team "Gallery" is preferred and it is again already consistent on the site.

    As you can see the notes mentioned above are all formating and consistency. I'm not apposed to changes but the consistent formating and style has helped keep the wki clean over time. It was very inconsistent before I cleaned it up and became an admin. So I might seem a little nit-picky, but I do have a reason :)

    Also could you expand on Kimmy's friend? Using the Template:Character infobox with a better name, references to the episode, and credits. Atm it's very vague and doesn't explain much. I can provide you with a 1080p screencap of the character if you can point them out with an episode number & timestamp.

    Also isn't Category:A to Z not really needed as Special:AllPages exist and is auto indexed? Seems like duplicate work that we need to maintain. I would rather not keep it and use the wikia standard whenever possible.

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