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The Modula Occupation is the Current controling body of Galaluna, with no known offical name. After a successful coup, the Mutraddi have recently gained control of the planet under the leadership of Lord Modula. It is an occupation, due to the contiued fighting and the Old Monarchy in the form of Princess Ilana is still alive and free. The current administration is primarily concerned with squashing the rebellion and killing Princess Ilana. In spite of the circumstances of the occupation, Modula has allowed the Galalunians to rebuild thier world after the destruction wrought by the invasion: within a year after the Occupation, much of the damage to the city around the palace has been repaired. Modula also allows the people to celebrate ceremonial festivities such as the Harvest festival, though he criticizes that they still have the spirit to do so, further demonstrating the need to destroy the Princess.

Modula Banner-screen
Lord Modula with Guard

General Modula as Lord Modula with his guard