Quote1Hey Lance, it's me man Seifert. I sit next to you in History. Hey! Friends band is playing just around the corner you should come check it out, it's gonna be killer. Bring your lady man, babes are always welcome!Quote2
Seifert to Lance in Lessons in Love @ 08:37

Seifert is the skate boarder in "Lessons in Love" who asked Lance and Ilana to the concert.


Seifert is first introduced in Lessons in Love when he spots Ilana & Lance eating dinner at a local restaurant. Seifert invites Ilana & Lance to his friend's band "Alien Death Hammer" how are performing around the corner. We also learn that Seifert is in Lance's History class at Sherman High School.


Seifert has long blond hair that covers his eyes. He wears a plain short shirt over a long sleeve shirt with jeans. He can be seen skateboarding around living the hippie-ish life style.


Seifert seems like a happy-go-lucky character living the hippie-ish life style on his skateboard.


Alien Death HammerEdit

Alien Death Hammer is a band of one of Seifert's friends.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




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