Quote1Titan, friend or foe?Quote2
Ronald O'Connell to the audiance at home in Elephant Logic @ 01:02


Ronald O'Connell is the host for the TV Show Confrontation. He had General Steel as a guest on the show, where he took the Hero-Titan side, while Steel took the Titan-Menace Angle along with trying to damage control the poor performance of his troops in the fight with the Fire Monster.


Ronald O'Connell appears to be a well groomed man in his late 50's. He has a well fitted blue suit and full set of white hair, however, it is not known if the hair is real or not due to his age.


  • Jeff Bennett is also the voice actor of Elephenty in Elephant Logic
  • Jeff Bennett has also done work out side of Sym-Bionic Titan as Johnny Bravo


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