Quote1Ahhh... There's always a wellQuote2
Hobbs to himself in Escape From Galaluna @ 01:30
Quote1Of Course... There's always a wellQuote2
The King to Ilana in Escape From Galaluna @ 07:31

Ollie is a Pet to a young Galalunian girl. It fell down a well and was rescued by Princess Ilana.


Ollie's basic form is that of a Terran house cat. It purrs, meows, and likes affiliation with humanoids. It differs visually by the following

  • They have 6 limbs
    • Each limb is not jointed long bones, but completely flexible like a cat's tail
    • On each side the limbs get thicker the farther away from the head
    • The end of each limb has a normal cat paw with claws
    • The limbs are prehensile (the can wrap around things)
  • Has a mustache, and not the normal whiskers
  • Has no visible/protruding Ears (a normal cat feature)
  • Fur on head is swept back, and bushes out the back above the Neck. This is more characteristic of Hair and not fur. So it might actually be hair on its head