"We're just sparing commander."
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Season 01Edit

Escape to Sherman HighEdit

Quote1But your safety will be compromised.Quote2
Octus to Ilana in Escape to Sherman High @ 03:26
Quote1If Galaluna has fallen, then the people will need you if they are to reclaim their world.Quote2
Octus to Ilana in Escape to Sherman High @ 06:07

The Phantom NinjaEdit

Quote1Dark Hair, bead room eyes, moody demeanor, I totally get it. [Ilana stares at Octus confused]Quote2
Octus to Ilana in The Phantom Ninja @ 10:22

The Ballad of Scary MaryEdit

Quote1I guess you can say I have an old soul.Quote2
Octus to Kimmy in The Ballad of Scary Mary @ 2:10

The Demon WithinEdit

Quote1Boy, nothing stays dead today.Quote2
Octus in The Demon Within @ 11:20

I am OctusEdit

Quote1[Saracasm] The colors make me feel warm and hopeful!Quote2
Octus to Ilana & Lance in I Am Octus @ 05:11
Quote1I am Octus.Quote2
Octus to himself in I am Octus @21:58

A Family CrisisEdit

Quote1I have intercepted a message that said "I think I'm going to ask Lance out, OMG! I can't believe I'm going to do it. XOXO Agnes" -end messageQuote2
Octus telling Lance about Agnes' message in A Family Crisis @ 09:58

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