Mutraddi Tri Beasts are a trio of Mutraddi creatures that were sent by General Modula to Earth to find Ilana, Lance, Octus in A New Beginning.


In A New Beginning General Steel, G3, Ilana & Lance are fighting when three creatures exit the Rift Gate. When they land we see they are split up in Paris, San Francisco and Sherman, Illinois. Steel, Solomon, Ilana & Lance agree to stop fighting and stop the Mutraddi from hurting civilians.

The creatures are later defeated by G3 and Sym-Bionic Titan (mech).


The Mutraddi Tri Beasts are tall, grey Mutraddi that have no eyes and skin with the same texture as the moon, but with different colors. They are also very muscular and the one in San Francisco can be seen showing its strength when it crushes H.M.E.R..





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Can shoot a blue laser from its mouth
  • Durability that can withstand a single blast from the H.M.E.R.'s laser cannon.
  • Strength and speed to overpower the H.M.E.R.

Weaknesses Edit

The Mutraddi Tri Beasts physically lacks visible eyes. This suggested that the Tri Beasts are physically blind and to compensate, using their other senses.


  • The Mutraddi Tri Beasts are the final Mutraddi seen in the series.

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