Quote1Boy, nothing stays dead today.Quote2
Octus in The Demon Within @ 11:20

The Mutant Crocodile was a mutated creature that appears in the episode The Demon Within. The Mutant Crocodile was infected and transformed by Muculox in an unknown swamp on Earth.

History Edit

Lance, Ilana and Octus go to investigate a crashed alien ship in an unknown swamp, likely near Sherman, Illinois. After a brief fight with Muculox, were he was "defeated", the group move on and tend to an injury Ilana received during the battle.

After more exploring of the swamp the group come across a crocodile floating in the water, more precisely a lifeless mutated crocodile. It appears to have similar transformation signs as Ilana. These include webbed hands, light greenish skin, and two eyes on its bottom jaw in addition to its own eyes.

The mutant soon awakes and starts attacking Ilana. She manages to survive being bitten by the giant creature with little to no injury which shocked both Lance and Octus. The beast is then killed when Ilana snaps its jaw over on itself.

Appearance Edit

The Mutant Crocodile is a large crocodile like creature with webbed hands, light greenish skin, and two eyes on its bottom jaw in addition to its own eyes.

Personality Edit


Relationships Edit


Powers and Abilities Edit

Crocodiles are naturally strong and quick in real life, however, it appears this mutated version possess additional strength and speed.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most of the other monsters sent to earth by General Modula, this mutated creature is not a alien. Instead it was created on Earth by Muculox.

Gallery Edit

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