Quote1Ilana, I never figured you for the type who would be tardy.Quote2
Ms O'brien to Ilana in Roar of the White Dragon @ 03:23

Ms O'brien is a teacher at Sherman High School, her first appearance is in Roar of the White Dragon.


Ms O'Brien is first introduced as one of Ilana's teachers as she is disappointed that she is not only later to her class but has also forgotten the assignment. Ms O'Brien's class is likely history class as she has maps of the world in her classroom.

Ms O'Brien wrote something before Ilana walked in late, however, it seems to change scene to scene and what is visible does not make sense:

Whee theyer ther
yall are her
Kim  young
taiyo we

She teaches in the AM IN 3 DAYS classroom


Ms O'Brien is an older lady wearing a very conservative outfit, most likely due to her age and the fact that she teaches at a public high school. She has mid-length brown hair and small, square, librarian like glasses.


Ms O'Brien seems like a very straight forward person. She expects certain standards from people, like Ilana being on time and having her homework.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Teaching


  • Ms. O'Brien is Cross-Dominant as she is Right Handed when writing vertical (on the board) and Left Handed when writing horizontal (normally)

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