Mr Algerba in Escape to Sherman High
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Quote1What do we get with k = 2n - 1? A subset of size n a sum whose... [voice fades away]Quote2
Mr Bridgeman to class in Shaman of Fear @ 06:39

Mr Bridgeman is a rather plumply Teacher at Sherman High. His subject it thought to be Calculus.


Mr Bridgeman first appears in Escape to Sherman High as a second math teacher for Newton and reappears in Shaman of Fear. In Escape to Sherman High he only appears for 142 frames (5.9 Seconds). Yet he is credited with a speaking role. This hints at, that part of the scene may have been cutout. As shown, he silently writes the equation   {46 \over 36} \bullet {36 \over 36}  \sqrt{R \over 3}


Mr Bridgeman is a rather plumply Teacher who is balding due to this age. He wears cloth which are no longer "trendy" but, fits his older personality.





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  • He can be seen in Escape to Sherman High for 142 frames (5.9 Seconds)

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