Mr Algerba in Escape to Sherman High
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Mr. Algebra to himself in Escape to Sherman High @ 11:53

Mr Algebra is a Teacher at Sherman High School. He is a reoccurring character despite no name or alias given. The alias 'Mr Algebra' is just a place holder for the wiki, based off his subject. He is the very first teacher seen in the series, and is the oldest in appearance.


Mr Algebra first appears in Escape To Sherman High and is shown introducing Newton to the class. His Class is likely Algebra since his chalkboard is always covered in algebraic formulas.

Newton is in one of his classes, while Meat, Ilana and Lance are in another period.


Mr Algebra is a short and older gentleman, he is bald on the top part of his head with hair protruding out from behind his head. He is dressed like a very typical High School teacher but does have a tie with the four suits from a pack of cards (spades (♠), hearts (♥), diamonds (♦) and clubs (♣)).


Mr Algebra seems to be soft spoken, even when complete taken off guard by Newton solving his complex equitation with a glance.



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  • Has a a tie with the four suits from a pack of cards (spades (♠), hearts (♥), diamonds (♦) and clubs (♣)), maybe he feels lucky?

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