Quote1Ok people, big day to day. Report day.Quote2
Mr. Igawa to History Class in Elephant Logic @ 10:55

Mr. Igawa is a history teacher at Sherman High School and was first introduced in Elephant Logic.


Mr. Igawa teaches at Sherman High School as a History teacher, Ilana & Lance both take his class.

Mr. Igawa is only seen Elephant Logic and does not reappear.


Mr. Igawa is an older teacher who wears a collard shirt, flannel vest and tan/brown pants. Mr. Igawa is bold man wearing small reading glasses general seen on Librarians, however, don't let this fool you. Mr. Igawa is well built and has some serous biceps, it's safe bet that Mr. Igawa once worked as a soldier in the military but this is not confirmed.


Mr. Igawa is a soft spoken and happy go lucky teacher who sees when there is a problem and tried to do the right thing, like when Ilana & Lance beging fighting in class. He gives Ilana & Lance a second chance at their report and even congratulate them on how well they did.

Mr. Igawa is what every teacher should strive for.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Teaching History



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