Monica is a cheerleader at Sherman High School and one of Kimmy's close friends, her first appearance is in Showdown at Sherman High.


Monica's first appearance in Showdown at Sherman High affiliates her with the Sherman High Cheerleaders and a close friend to Kimmy Mysner. It is clear that she shows an interest in Lance and continues to do so, for example in Disenfranchised after over hearing Ilana and Lance talking about the upcoming concert. She asked Ilana if it was true that Lance plays in a band after Lance left the table and proceeds to tell everyone to go.


Monica is African American women with pale brown skin, curly brunette hair (in pigtails), and dark nude/red lips. She wears a green & yellow cheerleader outfit and large red hoop earrings. In Disenfranchised she is shown wearing a blackish reddish tank top and a white red polka dot skirt.

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Not much is known about Monica but she shares similar traits to Amber, Kimmy and Tiffany. She acts shallow on the surface and mindless follows Kimmy's idea with little consideration of others and their feelings. She does show some emotion when she starts to support Kimmy and Octus' relationship but nothing more is known about her.



Amber, Kimmy and Tiffany are close friends to Monica as well as cheerleader members.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Has the ability to perform difficult cheerleader routines



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