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  • I just want to know if you are a fan of "Ilanca"? If you are, would you mind creating the "Ilanca" page, a page dedicated to the ship teases between Lance and Ilana? I would do it put I don't know how to create a page.

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    • I would prefer to keep shipping away from articles & new pages, however, the "Relationships" section is a great place to expand possible character love-interest with one another.

      I know this community isn't as active as shows like Steven Universe but the forums seem like a more appropriate place for shipping since users can talk about it.

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    • Okay then. Sometimes I think that if Lance and Ilana had a daughter, her name would be Laura. In my mind she would look similar to Ilana, except her hair would be black and in a small pony tail with a blue hair bow; Laura's main outfit would look like Ilana's outfit for the most part of "The Ballad of Scary Mary", except it would be in shades of blue. If I could i'd make a fan art picture of my idea and post it online, put I don't know how to create a fan art picture. If it would be no problem for you, would you mind creating the fan art picture and posting it online?

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    • I'm not good at drawing and it's probably not something I would do since I'm not much of a shipper myself. I let the story play out and see what happens :)

      Hopefully an online video platform or foreign broadcasting service (anyone outside of the United States) will pick-up SBT so Tartakovsky can finish his show and let things play out. That being said writing off a show is a complicated matter and I don't think anyone wants to deal with that mess, especially since it would be unable to broadcast in the U.S.

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    • I just thought i'd ask.

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  • Could you send me an PNG photo of Lance in w:c:hero:Heroes Wiki? My iPad doesn't have the action to download PNG photos. Sorry.

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  • Can I ask you for anything?

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  • I found a link to watch the adult swim version of the Titan episodes, and in episode 1, it cut out the part where they went to 'Floor Mart' and the lady screamed.

    I'm not sure if there's any other edits throughout the series.

    Do you know why this could be? Or do you know how I could contact Genndy to ask?

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    • Wow that's a flawless edit, I actually just noticed it.

      I have recordings from the original run on CN but it's only in 720p and has the gigantic CN logo at the bottom and it indeed does have the scene you are talking about. Granted it does not add a huge amount of content but it is still part of the show.

      Comparing the length of each episode it seems the first episode was the only one that was 23+ minutes, all the other ones are 22 minutes varied by a few seconds.

      I know the Adult Swim version speeds up the outro and the intro the further into the series run.

      Adult Swim commonly edits shows because animes' normally run 23+ minutes since they have less commercials in Japan, most of the time it's a shorten intro or outro song to compensate. I did not think of it for SBT since it is a western show. Guess they still needed to truncate it.

      No idea about contacting Genndy, he has no twitter or social outlet. Maybe an IMDB Pro account will give you more info but idk.

      Asking about edits like that would most likely pointless anyway, at that point he has no control. You could tweet at @Clarknova1 since he runs programing at Toonami but it's a long shot if he answers.

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    • That makes sense because of the time restraints on the air.

      But I read (so I'm not sure myself) that in the iTunes version it also cuts out the same scene (it was in one of the reviews but Ive never watched the itunes version). Why would they cut out that scene if it doesn't have time restraints?

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    • The review is from 11/12/10, before SBT was even on adult swim. hmmm.

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    • Really can't say :/

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  • Hello! I have a few questions

    Who is 'Adnon' in episode 2 (John DiMaggio)?

    How do you know Disenfranchised's bass player's name (Trevor, and the guitar player's name too, Ian?)?

    Are you going to upload the rest of the credits soon?

    Thanks so much for your dedication

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    • The band players are before my time and where already created with pages & images. I just updated the layout & added HD image.

      The rest of the credits however..

      Mall Merchant in Neighbors in Disguise 01
      Mall Merchant in Neighbors in Disguise 02
      Mall Merchant in Neighbors in Disguise 03
      Mall Merchant in Neighbors in Disguise 04

      Adnon might be the Mall Merchant , I'll upload pictures under a vague name of Merchant.

      The other characters not documented are Rebel #1/#2 & Guard #1/#2. I don't know who the guards are but I think I know the rebels. You could start a vague page with a list of List of Galalunian Rebels & List of Mall Guards voice actors if you really wanted.

      This is probably Rebel #2

      The Resistance trying to kill General Modula in Neighbors in Disguise

      This is probably Rebel #1 (on the right)

      The Resistance trying to kill General Modula in Neighbors in Disguise 02

      Mall Guards

      Mall Guard in Neighbors in Disguise 01
      Mall Guard in Neighbors in Disguise 02
      Mall Guard in Neighbors in Disguise 03
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    • Just finish taking all the screenshots, creating the gifs and transcribing the credits with OCR.

      That's about 362 files to upload ~ 160MB and 15 new pages to create. Will take a few days but the rest of the credits should be up soon.

      A few characters that I have never seen are in the credits so some other pages will need to be added to reflect those characters.


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    • Awesome! Thanks!

      Also, I noticed in the Escape to Sherman High credits

      Mr. Bridgeman (Don Leslie) is probably the math teacher (from the scene with Newton being introduced to the class), and Mrs. Mitchell (Tara Strong) is probably the teacher from when Lance was being introduced.

      I'm not sure who Turk (John DiMaggio) is though.

      I'm probably going to make a list of characters who aren't really named in the show but in the credits.

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    • This thread is really old, but I think I found out who Turk is (episode 1)!

      Turk maybe
      I listened to a bunch of clips from various characters John DiMaggio has voice acted, and this dude sounds like him. So I think this is Turk.
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  • Could you also upload the credits for the other episodes? There's only credits for Escape to Sherman High. Thanks!

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  • Hi, I'm wondering. On the wiki, it says Lance is 18 and Ilana is 17. Where does it say this? Thank you so much!

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    • I agree for the most part about not adding non-canon info on the wiki, but I believe we should keep the some of the info. Imo ages, weights, or heights that aren't confirmed should have an asterisk, tilda or plus next to them (i.e, Age: 18 *, 40 ~ 50, 60+, Weight: ~150lbs, Height: ~ 6'0"). Letting the viewer know that these are the suspected ages, weights, or heights based of other characters and logical reasoning, but are not official. However, maybe it should be more apparent? Something like:

      Age: 18 (Assumed [reference])

      Weight: 120lbs (54.4kg) (Assumed [reference])

      Maybe that would be better. I'm 100% open to any suggestions that makes the wiki better so please feel free to discuss.

      For reference the only characters with official age, weight, and height are Lance, weight for Kimmy and "age" for Octus. I'm not sure why Mike Chan's girlfriend has those fields filled in like that, some other contributor must have added the info. Feel free to edit those pages.

      I would prefer to keep Octus' attributes as "Varying".

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    • I like the idea of having "(assumed)" next to them!

      What would the [reference] for those be? A link to this thread?

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  • Titan turned four yeaterday...can you believe the show has as much notorietyas it does after being cancelled for so long? It almost makes me certain we'll see it come back one day.

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  • ...If you'd join me and a small group doing our own SBT revival movement, and a bit more considerate at that?

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  • You know, it's very hard to find very hardcore fans about this show like you. Thanks for keeping up the interest in the show, and sweeping up the wiki.

    btw I love that CL quote.

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    • If you wish to stay neutral, I have no interest in changing your decision. However, making the other admins on here aware to this feud, who may or may not seek investment into it, would be for the sake of getting more fans back into the show. I hope the credibility of my argument has at least earned your trust.

      1. All in good interest; except for when it's not. Now I'm not fearful that Titan will become as infamous fandom as Sonic X or My Little Pony, but that note I made  kinda showing a lot of SBT "fan art" involves non-canon instances of putting characters in every possible situation...well, in other words, these people seem to appreciate more of what they'redoing with the characters than Genndy ever did. The worst part about it is how more sexual it gets. Man, forget Kimmy's twerking; in the slowest part of the downtime, one of the top Google results for names like "Lance Lunis" and "Kimmy Meisner" were Rule 34 sites with them and others, underage and/or edited screenshots. This sick representation of our heroes mades me ponder if this is where some people go to fantasize about them...since unfortunately, the more sophisticated artwork among the masses is essentially the same thing (granted, the copyright infringements themselves, like when it comes to fanboys/fangirls' "OCs"). I know something is wrong when this finds its way into the group;

      2. Hence, the rivalry between me and Soundwave, and me and Ashley/Saiya-Story. (Just so you know, the former has to do with the things I mentioned above, whereas the latter applies here). I have respect for this Wiki and its people such as yourself, for at least creating a separate brach for fanon content. On the other hand, Ashley's bias for Soundwave pretty much lets him drown the campaign with constant promotion of his work, whereas they forget Fandom Abuse Kills Interest. This isn't Soundwave's publcity hub, nor is it Ashley's kingdom to reign; we need nultaple moderators and diligent passion for inspiring others to care, both on dA and its branches. And believe me, there are fans out there who care more about the show itself than being a control freak. I'm not asking for power, either; just for a civil shift in authority to better leaders.

      3. Fans seemed to get hyped over the show's creator, but CN pretty much just slapped Genndy's name on it and called it a day. Its atmosphere feels so forced, since it tries to be so many things. But I hope Steven Universe is a show we can all agree was a step towards what CN more accurately stands for; a premise for the premise's sake. Not Giant Robots in the name of high school, or the other way around.

      4. The silliest part is how they think they've accomplished anything. They keep telling us to buy all the episodes, yet streamed and pirated the whole show up until Toonami aired it. Basically, it sounds like those people are trying way less because Toonami automatically makes them relevant. Also, Toonami only airs it because 1) it was inexpensive for their initially tight budget, and 2) they lost the rights to Inuyasha this year. Their petition is out of a laugable 3000 signatures, compared to the ratings; mine on the other hand, which was never intended to land on Snyder's desk, challenged the root of the whole controversy, revealed deep insight and research, and guess whose goals worked? Two of the three CEOs my petition targeted already announced resignation.

      5. On the other hand, those suicides exemplify their slogan, "Viva la Titan." Which, anybody who's above Google Translate should know, does NOT translate to "Long live Sym-Bionic Titan." In actuality, the grammatically incorrect translation implies the fans should be stuck in the 2010s, live with the show, and die with the cancellation (putting them in a sense of limbo, beyond the ones who interpreted it literally).

      So I hope these facts continue to intrigue you enough to investigate further, and hopefully direct me to whoever can aid the movement.

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