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Maribel to Todd in Under the Three Moons @ 02:36

Maribel is a student at Sherman High School, and was one of the students on the Homecoming Dance committee, along with Todd and Ilana.


In Under the Three Moons Maribel helped Ilana and Todd work on setting up the Homecoming Dance based on Ilana's vision, which in turn was based off of the Galalunian Harvest Festival. She works diligently with Ilana & Todd to create the set for the homecoming dance but does not seem to have a date. At one point, Ilana convinced Lance to ask Maribel out to the Homecoming Dance, after he was unable to get Kristin to go with him. Maribel accepted with some nervous laughter and met Lance at the Lunis house along Ilana, "Newton", Kimmy, and Jason before proceeding to the dance in a rental limo. Unfortunately on the way there Newton detected a Rift Gate opening. With the importance of the Rift gate Lance, Ilana, and Newton all had to "Go to the bathroom" and form Titan. With the trio's sudden absence, this renders Maribel alongside Kimmy and Jason dateless, however, at Homecoming during the traditional Spotlight Dance, Jason asked Maribel to dance, which she accepted. It is unknown if Maribel and Jason continued to have a relationship.


Maribel is a short and stocky girl with short brown hair. She sports glasses that are too large for her face and a grey jacket.


Maribel is a quite but kind person how seems to be very introverted with few friends. She does not seem to care what most people think of her, but she is always willing to have a fun time and help in any way she can.



Todd seems to be Maribel's only friend until she meets Ilana.

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