Quote1We're Disenfranchised.Quote2
Ian to Student Audience in Disenfranchised @ 00:25

Ian is the leader singer of the band Disenfranchised.


Ian first discovered Lance when he was playing guitar and introduced him to his other band members. Hence, making Lance part of the band, they became known at school. Ian later kicked Lance out due to attracting the wrong crowd of people, they just don't get the music. People only liked them for Lance. He is the band's lead singer but also plays the guitar.


Ian is a depressed looking teenage with long brown hair covering his eyes. He wears a heavy jacket and scarf, regardless of the weather.


Ian seems like the kind of person to sulk a lot but is kind, he alos loves the music he plays and that consume most of his time.



Trevor is Ian's friend and second main guitarist Disenfranchised.

Disenfranchised DrummerEdit

Disenfranchised Drummer is Ian's friend and drummer for Disenfranchised.

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