Quote1I don't know -- he - he came out of no where and he was like wham - boom - chop and then whoosh he was gone, he was like a Phantom Ninja. He done saved my life.Quote2
Hostage in The Phantom Ninja to News6 in The Phantom Ninja @ 09:29

The Hostage in The Phantom Ninja is character used to start Lance's reputation as the "Phantom Ninja" in the episode The Phantom Ninja.


The Hostage in The Phantom Ninja is first shown in the episode "The Phantom Ninja" and is tided-up being held by two criminals. Lance sees the disturbance and goes to free the man by taking out the two criminals. Lance is wearing a hoodie at the time and the man can not get a good describtion of him, instead he reports on News6 that he was like "wham - boom - chop and then whoosh he was gone". He later describes Lance as a "Phantom Ninja" and if it was not for him, he would have lost his life.


The Hostage is a black male in his late 40s with slightly rounded glasses, he also has a goatee and wears a nice suit.


Not enough information to say.



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  • The voice actor for the Hostage in The Phantom Ninja, "Michael Gough (II)" also voices one of the Hoodlums & one of the robbers in The Phantom Ninja.

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