Quote1Need a ride?Quote2
Greaser to Mary in The Ballad of Scary Mary @ 21:48

The Greaser is an unnamed character that first appears in The Ballad of Scary Mary.


The Greaser is an unnamed character that first appears near the end of The Ballad of Scary Mary. When Mary is running away from the other students that pranked her he rolls up on his bike. When Mary wipes away the tears, he asks her if she needs and ride and smiles to her. Mary says nothing but gets on and wraps her arms around him. They ride off into the sunset.


The Greaser is appropriately named as he looks like a 1950s Greaser. He has slick black hair and is combed back and has the typical leather jacket and blue jeans. He is very tall and looks a bit like a clown riding a tri-cycle.


The Greaser doesn't talk much but his kind words and warm smile indicates he is caring/kind person.



Mary is the girl the Greaser picks up at the end of The Ballad of Scary Mary and is a potential love interest.

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  • The Greaser is a throw back to the 1950's subculture seen in many cult classic films like the 1973's American Graffiti directed by George Lucas.

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