Quote1What are you doing?Quote2
Gabriel to Baron in Shadows of Youth @ 15:37

Gabriel is on of Baron's friends and takes part in Baron's school bullying at Galaluna Military Academy. He is first seen in Shadows of Youth and does not reappear.


Gabriel was one of the first three people to "welcome" Lance to the Galaluna Military Academy along side Baron and another cadet. When Baron insults Lance about being an orphan and about his father (Edward) "blowing himself-up" Lance attacks Baron. Gabriel and the other cadet quickly run to Baron's side and beat-up Lance for his actions.

Gabriel is seen thought the episode torturing Lance under the direction of Baron. At the end of the school year during the War Games, Gabriel is seen trying to help Baron win the first place award. Gabriel is taken out by Lance and is rendered unconscious.

Gabriel later helps baron get revenge on Lance for beating him but gives-up after Lance gets into a Manus armor and says to baron "Baron, this is going to far".

Gabriel does not reappear in the episode or later episodes.


Gabriel is a large size cadet with a very long brown mullet. He is only seen in his standard Galaluna Military Academy uniform and the War Games uniform.


Gabriel acts obedient to Baron until the end and seems to enjoy pushing people around at the Galaluna Military Academy.



Baron is the leader of the group that Gabriel takes part in and is also a school bully.

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  • Gabriel is the only character to feature Andy Pessoa voice.

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