Fu Fu, not to be confused with Gary Coato, is a Galaluna Cuisine that is also enjoyed by the Mutraddi[1].

First AppearanceEdit

Ilana campaigning for food change in The Phantom Ninja 01

Ilana campaigning for food change.

In The Phantom Ninja Ilana attempts to improve the Sherman High School cafeteria menu after seeing the students suffer from eating bland, unhealthy food. While she is laughed off by the other students she and Newton work on creating a new menu and with the help of Lance encourage others to join the food tasting party.


Fu Fu is a Galaluna dish and some of the ingredients required do not exists on Earth. Newton uses his access to many databases and several algorithms to determine Earth equivalent produce. While not identical to the Fu Fu created on Galaluna, Ilana agrees it is very close to the same thing and will work well on the menu.


Fu Fu in The Phantom Ninja 02

Lance serving Fu Fu in the Sherman High cafeteria.

Ilana's food tasting does not go overall well as people only came to see Lance, however, Lance makes up his absence at the party by serving the food the next day in the Sherman High cafeteria which goes over well with students of Sherman High.


  1. Xeexi get pushed by Lance into the food stands and taste the Fu Fu, he then says
    Quote1[Licks Fu Fu] Good Fu Fu.Quote2
    Xeexi to himself in The Phantom Ninja @ 19:33

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