Quote1Mom, can you come get me? It's weird here! It's so weird I don't like-liking... what? Oh for desert? Awesome! Yah - but can you come here tho cause it's-it's -- I don't like it here now! It's not good here. It's not nice.Quote2
Edwin Pisinski to his mother in Showdown at Sherman High @ 14:50

Meat (real name Edwin Pisinski) is a rather dim-witted jock that seems to like Newton, and apparently his best friend at school.


He first appeared in Showdown at Sherman High, where his attempts to contact his mother led to Newton discovering the monster's weakness to cellphone signals. He also appeared at the Scary Mary party, challenging Newton to a chug-off, and later doing "the robot" with Newton. He appears again in The Steel Foe (where real name is revealed) and again in A New Beginning, when he accompanies Kimmy, Amber and Tiffany to the abandoned Lunis house in an attempt to find the whereabouts of his friends, who had not been seen in school for 2 weeks.


Edwin has blocky body with short scruffy hair and is always sporting his green Letterman jacket.


Edwin appears to be a stereotypical jock, not being very bright but being well built, despite this however he is a very nice person.



Edwin seems to like Newton a lot, even though at first Newton did not reciprocate these feelings due to Edwin's intelligence, they did however later become friends.

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  • He is voiced by Bill Fagerbakke, the same person who did the voices for Patrick from Spongebob and Bulkhead from Transformers: Animated.

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