Quote1You trust me, don't you son?Quote2
Edward to Lance in Shaman of Fear @ 04:33

Edward is Lance's father and one of Galaluna's Greatest Scientific Mind, he disappeared into the Rift Gate has not been seen yet.



Edward's Memorial

Edward was a great scientist when Lance was a young boy but to further his research he entered the Rift Gate, a portal to another dimension, which was referenced in the episode Shaman of Fear. He was presumed dead and in Shadows of Youth there is a funeral held in his honor. The King gives a speech at the funeral revealing that he and General Modula had been friends with Edward since childhood. Lance believes he could be alive, due to the fact that there was no body to bury.

While at military school, Lance said the his father always came back home at two AM and told him about his day in the lab, which is why Lance has a habit of waking up at that time despite how much time has passed, while hoping he would see him outside his window. But eventually, after a terrible first year at the military school, he comes to accept that he's really dead. Despite this, Lance also keeps a framed picture of himself and his father with him in his bedroom on Earth.

Little is known about Edward at this point but suspicions do exists about the possibility of that the Mysterious Figure is Edwards.


Edward is a tall man with semi-long hair and a mustache. He wears small square glasses and sports a white lab coat. He also seems to carry a dark blood red ascot with a skull & bones symbol.


Little is known about Edward besides the fact that Lance knew him as a caring father who worked very hard in his lab until two AM in the morning. The King along side the younger General Modula also saw him as a good friend that cared for the people around him.



Lance is Edward's son but it is not known if Lance is an only child.


There is never any mention if Edward had a wife but the fact that Lance exists is proof he must have at one time. She was not present for his "funeral" in Shadows of Youth and Lance makes no remarks about her. She either died long before Edward's presumed death or left them both.

The KingEdit

The King is an old childhood friend of Edward. Before Edward went through the Rift Gate, The King revealed that he made a promise to look out for his son.

General ModulaEdit

Along with The King, General Modula is also an old friend of Edward.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • One of the Greatest Scientific Mind Galaluna has ever known


Edward is also suspected to be the mysterious leader of G3 known as the Mysterious Figure, but this has not been officially proven.

  • Edward disappeared through a portal called a rift gate. A different portal with the same name was used by the King to send Lance, Ilana, and Octus to Earth. So it possible that Edward may have come to Earth.
  • The mysterious man known as the Mysterious Figure in The Fortress of Deception who commands Solomon might be Edward, which would explain G3's knowledge of Galalunian tech.
  • Solomon takes commands from the mysterious man much like a Martial Art Master-Student relationship. If he's really Edward, this would explain Solomon's fighting style being identical to Lance's training.
  • The Mysterious Figure also has the same voice actor as Edward.
  • The Mysterious Figure's ability to revive Octus in A New Beginning, which had been impossible for everyone else who tried, is a feat possible for Edward as a Galalunan genius scientist.


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