Quote1My great lord and master [Modula] we celebrate your surprise arrival.Quote2
Duraak to General Modula in Tashy 497 (Episode) @ 01:08

Duraak was an intelligent Mutraddi and acted as a scientist and Number two for General Modula, Duraak also oversaw affairs on Mutraad.


Duraak appears in Tashy 497 as the chief scientist responsible for providing General Modula with creatures to attack his enemies with. Modula was unsatisfied with their performance and demanded Duraak to give him "something special."

Duraak shows Modula the most powerful creatures he has in custody but Modula says they are not special enough. Duraak mentions he has a very special creature with a special characteristic and Modula seems interested. Durrak shows the third creature to Modula and at first Modula is not impressed. Duraak explains the small creature's dangerous power is acting as a living bomb. Modula satisfied with the creatures unique power has it sent through the Rift Gate in a rocket.

Duraak has a device installed to monitor the creature's vital signs and Modula warns him that if the creature fails Duraak will pay for the mistake with his life. They watch the monitors together waiting for the creature to explode as it should but it doesn't. Duraak tries to apologize but Modula disintegrates him anyway.


Duraak is a tall, skinny, hairless male with gren skin and glowing red eyes. Duraak and his people also have six horn/spikes protruding from around his head. Duraak also has very skinny & bony fingers.


Duraak is a timid scientist due to the pressure Modula has placed on him. He is willing to do anything to please his lord.


General ModulaEdit

Modula is Duraak's employer and "lord", Duraak works directly with Modula to provide creature to destroy Ilana, Lance & Octus.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Duraak was destroyed by Modula with the power of his hat and shortly replaced with another scientist.

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