Quote1You dang fool this ain't no game!Quote2
Driving Instructor to Mike Chan in Roar of the White Dragon @ 19:02

The Driving Instructor is a teacher that appears in Roar of the White Dragon.


The Driving Instructor first appeared in Roar of the White Dragon and was the one who tested Lance's ability behind the wheel. She was very strict when it came to driving and threaten to fail Lance a few times during the driving test. When Mike Chan enters the scene she begins to yell at him for trying to street race and threatens to revoke his licenses.

Quote1OH NO THEY DIDN'T!Quote2
Driving Instructor to Lance in Roar of the White Dragon @ 17:20

Her attitude changes when Lance and Chan came across the Long Limb Monster, she begins to freak out asks to tell her when it's over. When Lance manged to get away from Chan and Long Limb Monster she was thankful and impressed that Lance got him and her safe in one piece (which involved driving off the side of flying chunks of bridge). At the end of Roar of the White Dragon she passes him for his "skills".


The Driving Instructor is a large middle aged black women with a blue pants suit. She keeps her messy black hair tied up into a bundle with what seems like a scrunchy.


The Driving Instructor seems to be be very cranky, she can be seen yelling at Mike Chan when tried to provoke Lance in reckless driving and for calling her a "Big Mama".

Quote1Who you calling big you spike hair toy car driving punk, get your butt out of her before I slap that cheap paint job right off.Quote2
Driving Instructor to Mike Chan in Roar of the White Dragon @ 15:53

She later shows her kinder side when she pass Lance claiming:

Quote1... Son I ain't ever seen skills like yours, shoot you should be the instructor.Quote2
Driving Instructor to Lance in Roar of the White Dragon @ 20:23



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