Quote1Titan, friend or foe?Quote2
Ronald O'Connell to the audiance at home in Elephant Logic @ 01:02

Confrontation is a hard hitting news program/segment first seen in Elephant Logic. Confrontation is hosted by Ronald O'Connell and bares the resemblance to the CNN program Larry King Live hosted by Larry King.

The first time Ronald O'Connell's Confrontation is introduced he has General Julius Steel to talk about the "Titan phenomenon". Ronald O'Connell is a storng support of Titan say he saved Sherman, Illinois from the the "fire-ie alien thing". Julius Steel disagress with O'Connell say if they did not bring "that thing" then they would not have needed protection.

Julius Steel continues on to promote the military and talk down about Titan. When asked by O'Connell about his military being able to take on another alien attack General Steel says "Don't worry about that, this old dog has a bark or two left".


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