Quote1Let the war games begin!Quote2
Combat Instructor to Galaluna Military Academy Recruits in Shadows of Youth @ 11:44

The Galaluna Military Academy's Combat Instructor is teacher on Galaluna who focuses on training Galalunian recruits in realistic combat, he first appears in Shadows of Youth.


Along side the Academy Administrator the Combat Instructor is one of the major teachers in charge of training new recruits and making sure they behave. His job is train the cadets into top physical form until the War Games, an event at the end of the school year that test the cadets abilities.


The Combat Instructor is an older military office that has seen many battles. He has no hair on the top of his head and has a long lushish white beard like many of the other high ranking Galalunian members, like the The King & General Modula. His cloths is a standard Galalunian commander uniform primary dark red with yellow and white accents.


The Combat Instructor is a strict person that care about one thing only, how well his cadets are trained. He shows little compassion for his cadets until Lance wins the War Games at the end of the year.



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