Sym-Bionic Titan (Mech) in Escape To Sherman High (Slight Edit)
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Bryan D. Andrews is an American storyboard artist and writer known for his work in science fiction and superhero films. Along with Genndy Tartakovsky and Paul Rudish, he co-created the animated television series Sym-Bionic Titan, which premiered on Cartoon Network on September 17, 2010. After 20 episodes, however, it was canceled due to lack of merchandise connected to the series, with the final episode airing April 9, 2011. Andrews had worked with Tartakovsky on previous projects, including Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars. He also worked with Tartakovsky as a storyboard artist on Iron Man 2, contributing to the climactic final action sequence. Andrews garnered two Primetime Emmy Award wins for his story work on Star Wars: Clone Wars in 2004 and 2005. He received another Primetime Emmy and nomination for his work as a storyboard artist and writer on the fourth season of Samurai Jack. In 2006, Andrews received his second Primetime Emmy nomination as a writer for the My Life as a Teenage Robot special Escape from Cluster Prime.

He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts.

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