Quote1Unh hu right! You can do! [excited wow] Come oooon Sherman!Quote2
Bryan to Ilana in Showdown at Sherman High @ 05:48

Bryan makes two appearances in Sym-Bionic Titan in Showdown at Sherman High & Disenfranchised. He is most recognized as the Sherman High School mascot.


Bryan first appears in Showdown at Sherman High and is cheering on students who are try out to become one of the Sherman High Cheerleaders. He is again seen in Disenfranchised when Steve "Babyface" Stevens is questioning him about Lance, Ilana and Octus in regards to the day that the Blob Monster attacked the school.


Bryan is a short and extremely skinny kid who does not seem to have any muscles even though he has to jump around all the time in his mascot uniform. When interved by Steve "Babyface" Stevens he takes off his mask and has dark circles under his eyes.


Bryan seems always pumped up as he is the school spirit leader but it takes a toll on him as he appears very tired all the time.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Pumping-up the school.


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