Kimmy's Ex-Boyfriend before she started dating Newton. He is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


He has orange hair that is styled like a mullet with two large mutton chops for side burns, though it would appear he shaved them off for the Homecoming Dance. He also has a peach fuzz on his chin.


He appears to take on the style of a bad boy, such as when he threatened Newton (to no avail) to watch his back and tries to act tough. According to Kimmy, he always treated her more as an object than a person, the reason why she dumped him, and has a habit of calling her "Babe". He tried to get Kimmy jealous by making sure she watched as he kissed another girl.

But in some way he seems to have a good side, where despite the fight earlier made sure to stop and get Kimmy out of the party when the place was under attack from the Mutraddi.

In the episode "Under the Three Moons" Brandon is crowned Homecoming King to Kimmy's Queen, and as the two dance, Brandon tells her that he'd never treat her like Newton does, always running off without any explanation.



Brandon Chase 02

Trying to get Kimmy back.

She is his ex-girlfriend whom she dumped at some point before being with Newton, and despite openly kissing another girl in front of her, it is quite obvious he has not yet gotten over her. He always refers to her by the nickname "Babe". He resents Newton for "stealing his girl" and vows to ruin their relationship. However, he does actually seem to care about Kimmy, as, in the episode "The Ballad of Scary Mary" after the Mutraddi attacks the party, he stops to get Kimmy out after her friends take off, despite her protests. Also, in the episode "Under the Three Moons" after Newton leaves her at the dance, he tells her that he'd never leave her like that, but she immediately tells him to stay quiet.

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