• Denise Gargiulo

    Sym-bionic´s fan!!

    We got some news about it !! (for genndy´s words)

    Recommend see de whole video but if you want you could go to 27:00 He talk about the show and at 35:56 someone in the audience asked Genndy about the possible future for Titan!

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  • Mr. Octus

    Lance SVG

    December 14, 2014 by Mr. Octus

    So I wanted to share some work I recently did which I plan to do for as many character pages as possible.

    The ).

    If you don't see a difference then good, that's the point. If you don't understand what has been done let me explain. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and allows for images to look exactly the same no mater the size. Go ahead and try and resize the original png and see if it retains the same quality. This was done to add another level of quality to the wiki by providing hi-res images.

    I'll try and add a svg version of as many character pages as possible.

    If you are curious you can view the progress sheet which is also a svg so go ahead and expand it to see all the detail:

    Till next time,

    --FireDart (talk) 03:28, December 14, 20…

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  • Mr. Octus

    It looks like Adult Swim has finally removed Sym-Bionic Titan (& Beware the Batman) from it's available VOD page here & here. This means the only legal way of watch Sym-Bionic Titan is either saved broadcast using a PVR or buying the Standard-Definition videos from iTunes (Volume 1 & Volume 2).

    You can still view the archive page of the SBT VOD site on, however, they can not be steamed.

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  • Mr. Octus

    SBT has been written off

    September 24, 2014 by Mr. Octus

    Well this came as a bit of shock, posted on the Toonami Tumblr page on September 22nd, 2014 at 3:41pm Sym-Bionic Titan & Beware the Batman have been written.

    The term "write-off" simply means that companies are able to write off certain expenses that are required to run the business. These assets which they own are creating a debt and in order to save money for both the company and it's share holders it can write-off the asset. Basically saying "we don't have to pay this any more so stop taxing use". Obviously they lose certain writes when they do this but in order to save money (normally taxes) it is occasionally done.

    Well it's a bit complicated, technically neither Turner (CN, Toonami, Adult Swim) or ANY OTHER group can air SBT on T.V, ho…

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  • Mr. Octus

    New news format

    September 24, 2014 by Mr. Octus

    As of today I'll be transitioning news to a new format, blog post. Keeping track of old news & blog post is becoming a pain and is hard for others to contribute.

    Hoppfully this is better, you can always view old announcements here.

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  • Mr. Octus

    This is an update blog post for the previous Genndy Tartakovsky apperance on Cartoon Hangover.

    As expected the new video featuring on CartoonHangover (a.k.a Channel Frederator) shows Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Sym-Bionic Titan, promoting his new movie Popeye (2016). Unfortunately this news is not SBT related but shows Genndy still happily working in Animation and enjoying every minute of it.

    While it's unfortunate that Orphanage Animation Studios closed down & the rights of SBT is owned by CN Studios we can still hope for a revival of the show.

    Here are some screen caps from the video featuring baby Genndy & current aged Genndy:

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  • Mr. Octus

    Hello once again everyone,

    Looks like Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Sym-Bionic Titan, will be making an appearance this Thursday (September 16th, 2014) on Cartoon Hangover which will tie in with an announcement from Sony Animations.

    I'll update this page if any of it is SBT related but it's doubtful, probably about Hotel Transylvania 2, Popeye (2016) or a Sony Animation/Cartoon Hangover partnership.

    If it is a partnership & seeing that Genndy was in the teaser we can at least hope he is working on something he cares about, who knows maybe it's a new I.P that will allow him more freedom since it will be a web series.

    Check back this Thursday!

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  • Mr. Octus

    I figure most of the people visiting this wikia care about Genndy Tartakovsky since he did create Sym-Bionic Titan so here is some information about what he is currently doing.

    Sony Pictures and their animation studio Sony Pictures Animation have announced release dates for Hotel Transylvania 2 & Popeye, both directed by Genndy Tartakovsky himself.

    Release Dates
    Hotel Transylvania 2 - September 25, 2015
    Popeye - 2016

    As well this might not be cutting edge news but I just learned that Orphanage Animation Studios, the animation studios that worked on Sym-Bionic Titan alongside Cartoon Network Studios was shutdown in 2009 (yah I know it's 2014, guess I'm slow to hear news). Orphanage Animation Studios was a well known animation studio in the San F…

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  • Mr. Octus

    If you check Adult Swim's scheduling you will that Sym-Bionic Titan will not be returning to Toonami for a 3rd run this coming Saturday 2014-07-26:



    You can always watch Sym-Bionic Titan on Adult Swim Video or buy the episodes off iTunes (Volume 1 & Volume 2).

    If you want a second season check out A Proposal to Bring Back Sym-Bionic Titan.

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  • Mr. Octus

    About 4 years ago Genndy Tartakovsky mentioned he was working on Samurai Jack: Movie, however, due to the flop of the The Powerpuff Girls Movie the film was canceled. In 2012 it was re-announced that Genndy was working on it again and it was in per-production with J.J Abrams.

    Considering that Samurai Jack is owned Cartoon Network Studios it seems some deal was worked out between Genndy and the network. I guess Genndy was not totally burned what SBT got canceled.

    The film currently has $20 million in financing and will combine traditional 2D animation with stereoscopic 3D. He is also working with Digital Production at Sony Pictures Entertainment.


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