Quote1Welcome to the neighborhood, neighbors! I'm Barb, but you can call me Barb! [Snort like laugh]Quote2
Barbara to Lunis Family in Neighbors in Disguise @ 03:40

Barbara (Barb for short) is the neighbor of the Lunis Family. She has a crush on Octus's "dad" program, Mr Lunis, and her motives are considered strange to the "family". She also seems to have a sassy personality. She doesn't appear in the third episode of the series, but is mentioned. She likes to go to the mall and shop there, as well as gardening. She has an aggressive rottweiler that tends to make a mess and barks a lot, but settles down once it smells tuna. She is seen watching a show called "Good Morning Today". She also made a cameo in the episode A New Beginning.

She lives almost directly across the street from the Lunises. She seems to be active in the neighborhood and likely knew the previous owners of the Lunis's home, as she claims to have planted the tomatoes in their back yard.


  • The show Good Morning Today is a reference to the show, Good Morning America.

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