Quote1I see you meet Baron.Quote2
Arthur to Lance in Shadows of Youth @ 04:05

Arthur was a student with Lance at the Galaluna Military Academy and was Lance's original roommate.


Arthur's only appearance on Sym-Bionic Titan is in Shadows of Youth. He seen only at the beginning of the episode an is used to explain the inner workings of the Galaluna Military Academy. It is un clear if Lance continued contact with Arthur after they graduate. It is also unknown if Arthur complete his graduation at all and joined the army.


Arthur is an overweight cadet with an extremely extroverted character, upon Lance arriving to his room Arthur continually talks to him trying to get him to say something. Arthur is very kind and explains he was also bullied by Baron on his first day. He also acknowledges his overweight figure, and does not seem to believe he is good enough to be any more than a Galalunian grunt. He also likes spaghetti so much that he eats it at a disturbing rate and eventually eats Lance's portion as well.



Arthur does not seem to have any other friends at the academy besides Lance. Lance tries to help Arthur by getting back at Baron but this ultimately fails and Arthur asks for a room change, not wanting to be affiliated with Lance and go though the troubles he experienced his first day again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Arthur does not have an special powers or abilities.


  • Many fans states he resembles Dexter from "Dexter's Laboratory", another show by Genndy Tartakovsky.

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