Alien Death Hammer is a death metal band that appears in the episode "Lessons in Love" which was recommended by Seifert a fellow student of Lance in his History class.


Alien Death Hammer is a popular death metal band that plays in the downtown section of Sherman, Illinois. When Ilana & Lance are greeted by Seifert they are given a poster with information regarding the band. According to Seifert the band is a group of friends which helps to indicate the band is local group. Alien Death Hammer plays at "Jack's Space Shack" on Wednesday 8PM. According to the poster Alien Death Hammer is a mature band as Jack's Space Shack requires ID to enter, this however does not stop a large attendance as Jack's Space Shack is packed with listeners.


  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums


  • The aliens featured in the poster seem to resemble some creatures found in Samurai Jack.
  • The members seem to be influenced by the members of Deathklok, which is both an actual band and a fictional band in the Adult Swim show, Metalocalypse.

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