Quote1Uhhh, a bunch of use are going to see that new movie tonight and I [uhhhhhh] was wondering if you wanted to come with me - I mean use.Quote2
Agnes to Lance in A Family Crisis @ 10:15

Agnes is a girl first seen in A Family Crisis, it's a flash back moment from when Octus intercepted a message about her asking him out.


Agnes first appears A Family Crisis when Newton intercepts a message.

Quote1I have intercepted a message that said "I think I'm going to ask Lance out, OMG! I can't believe I'm going to do it. XOXO Agnes" -end messageQuote2
Octus telling Lance about Agnes' message in A Family Crisis @ 09:58

After corning Lance at his locker she asks if he wants to go see a movie with her (and her friends). Lance says he already has plans with Newton, however, due to Newton's robot programing he does not understand saying he was not aware of any plans. Agnes smiles and tells Lance she will see him tonight.

Besides the fact that Octus cornered Lance into a situation he did not want to be in, Lance is seen smiling after the flash back.


Agnes is a geeky girl with large round black glasses and two pony tails that are arranged in a unique fashion that keep her ginger hair in order. She wears a big green pull-over with black stripes and two green hair bands with the letter "W" on it.

She also has a large nose like Baron.


Agnes seems to be a shy person and just talking to Lance is a struggle, in order to prepare her self to asking Lance out she texts her friends for support.



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  • Many have tried to ask Lance out but Agnes is the only one to succeed, mostly due to Newton missing Lance's not-so-subtle actions.
  • We learn that Octus is monitoring everyone phone data 24/7 at the school in real time.

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