Quote1You should be grateful, your only here by the good grace of the general and the king. I'm sure they would hate for you to let them down.Quote2
Academy Administrator to Lance in Shadows of Youth @ 08:18

GMA's Academy Administrator is teacher on Galaluna who deals with troubled Students.


The Academy Administrator appears once in Shadows of Youth and is shown lecturing Lance when he wakes up in the common area/hallway of the Galaluna Military Academy. The Academy Administrator waste no time in punishing him for his behavior, regardless if it was his fault or not.


The Academy Administrator is a tall slender man with white hair shooting out from his sides. He sports a purple suite and green ascot, his look resembles many of the aristocratic Galalunians.


The Academy Administrator is a blunt man that gets right to the point, he wast no time in lecture Lance about his problems.



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