• Introduction
    • Brief history of SBT
    • News about cancellation
    • Thesis (in bold)
      • Belief that the show was unfaithfully canceled
      • Reason we believe it should return
  • Reaction of the community
    • Talk about shows good reception and reviews
      • Reviews/Critics
        • IMBD – 8.3/10
        • MetaCritic – 8.5/10
        • – 8.8/10
    • Talk about the awards it got
      • 38th Annie Awards
  • Discuses rumors about cancellation
    • Topic TBD
  • Did the show really have a future and is a toy line even needed ?
    • Talk about the show timeline and then unanswered question
    • Talk about the slow build-up and character development
      • Point out amount of content that can be made with good character development
      • Point out similarities to Samurai Jack and strong fadbase that still exists
      • Point out the strong development similar to Star Wars: Clone Wars
    • Finish off with Genndy Tartakovsky quote from Reddit AMA about 10 episodes written
    • Talk about target audience (older crowd)
    • Talk about other animation medians like anime that have toy lines but don't rely on them
  • Why it should returned
    • The shows still strong fan-base after 4 years
    • The community reaction about SBT returning on Toonami for a 2nd & 3rd run
    • Talk about the strong viewing numbers of Toonami after 4 years and at a very late time slot (5:30am)
    • Talk about the fact that SBT does not exists on Netflix and other buying portals
    • Talk about the lack of HD dvd's and digital downloads
    • Talk about the lack of demographic shows similar to SBT on Cartoon Network
    • Show already has 10 episodes written which minimizes production cost
    • Averaged 713,000 viewers in it's first run on Toonami
    • If at least half of these 713,000 were new viewers who would watch a new season and if it can maintain the same kind of ratings it got in it's first run on cartoon network, based on an average of the ratings of the episodes reported on wikipedia, it would draw roughly 2 million viewers a week, which can compete with flagship series Adventure Time and Regular Show.
  • Finishing notes

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